About Eddie Owen Presents
& Red Clay Music Foundry

Duluth, Georgia – Eddie Owen Presents is the songwriter’s best friend. It is a music venue,  music school, and a home away from home for a performing songwriter and their fans. We are based in Duluth, Georgia at Red Clay Music Foundry – a 260-seat listening room that hosts the most talented musicians on the planet.

Music is a universal language that knows no boundaries. Songwriters and the stories they tell span the bridge of time with lyrics that speak to all walks of life. These artists weave magic that, nowadays, most people only experience through their play list. However, a renaissance of sorts is taking place in historic Duluth, drawing people from near and far. This is due in part to the live music at Red Clay Music Foundry (aka RCMF), the songwriter’s best friend.


Downtown Duluth Georgia

Historic Duluth boasts a Main Street that welcomes visitors with a comforting blend of retro charm and contemporary vibe. With the motto, ‘where everything old is renewed again,’’ you get the sense this community has embraced revitalization. And, in the midst of the tantalizing eateries, quaint shops, the lure of an open-air town green sits a treasure – Eddie Owen Presents at Red Clay Music Foundry.


At this music venue, an eclectic group of patrons routinely gather to relish the talent on display. Founder Eddie Owen likes to say, “Life is in the song,” and he has a particular talent for spotting emerging artists. (After all, he helped John Mayer, the Indigo Girls and Sugarland get their start). His rapport with the grassroots music scene and credibility in the industry is unmatched.


Furthermore, this music destination is a significant piece of the economic development plan for the second largest and fourth oldest municipality in Gwinnett. As a result, in his humble way, Owen is reaching demographics that ordinarily wouldn’t seek out entertainment in Duluth. He gets credit for putting teeth in a vision that is turning this suburban oasis into a regional music Mecca.


Also, there is the lower level of the Red Clay Music Foundry, which hosts Gwinnett School of Music’s newest location. In addition to their normal offering of private music lessons, we offer group and ensemble classroom instruction and workshops.


Eddie Owen Presents: Red Clay Music Foundry in Downtown Duluth hosts live music every weekend, plus music lessons and our Songwriters Open Mic.

Eddie Owen Presents: Red Clay Music Foundry hosts live music every weekend, plus music lessons and our Songwriters Open Mic in Downtown Duluth.