Red Clay is too beautiful of a venue to be dark on non-show nights!
Community Stages: One way that we integrate the community’s input with our programming is through the new Community Stages Program. The unique program opens the historic theatre to local Duluth performance companies, organizations, and other individuals who wish to present live music that is in line with EOP’s mission and image — to entertain, inspire, educate and connect the community through live music and music education. Event requests are vetted through the programming staff and Duluth City Council to ensure continuity with current offerings.
EOP’s mission as presenter, educator, and community-builder has evolved naturally and
steadily since its inception. EOP and Red Clay’s success at becoming downtown’s cultural
entertainment center are the product of the City of Duluth’s enthusiasm for celebrating the
many musical forms and influences that shape the American experience.

For  quotes and information, please send some basic information about your event, dates & times you’re interested in, and your contact information.